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Sculptures in public places

The magic tree

This wooden sculpture, which is about 570 cm tall and consists of 27 separate pieces, was created between 1987 and 1991. On the left the lower part (the 'trunk') can be seen. The 'tree-top' (right in foreground) was fixed to the trunk in the end-assembly. The work is to be seen in the entrance hall of the cultural centre in Sandweiler, extending over two floors.

Some pictures of the work on the magic tree (WKN S6)

Guardian of the equinox

The finished plaster model of the sculpture Guardian of the equinox. The model was realized in original size ( height approximately 370 cm) in the artist's workshop in Harlange.   The guardian of the equinox, 1993, Bronze, WKN S17

The limit divides - The fall of Icarus

The model for the fountain sculpture The limit divides - The fall of Icarus (WKN S1)

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