Mezzotints at Davidson Galleries in Seattle

The Davidson Galleries in Seattle, Washington, show a special exhibition of 40 international mezzotinters from 5 until 27 january 2018. Amongst the artists Marc Frising and some good friends from the International Mezzotint Festival in Yekaterinburg.
The exhibition was curated by Miranda K.Metcalf.

HEIMAT Eine Annäherung

Das Renner-Institut in Wien präsentiert vom 23.10.2017 bis Ende März 2018 eine Ausstellung zum Thema HEIMAT- Eine Annäherung. Der Begriff Heimat, welcher rezent verstärkt ins Zentrum politischer Debatten gerückt ist, wird bei dieser Schau aus dem Blickwinkel der Kunst hinterfragt. Kunst kann zur Klärung beitragen, indem sie Begriffe bebildert, Zusammenhänge sichtbar macht, Ideen vor Augen führt und subjektive Zugänge eröffnet. Die Druckgrafik-SammlerInnen Thomas König, Leonore&Philipp Maurer und Andreas Stalzer machen in ihren Sammlungen Annäherungen zum Heimatgefühl ausfindig, um es von schwammigen Pathos zu befreien und sinnlich fassbar auf den Boden der Tatsachen zu stellen.
Der Kurator Philipp Maurer sprach zur Eröffnung.


Auction house Triveka in Moscow

The auction house Triveka in Moscow exhibited for its 54th auction of november 2017 about 142 works of contemporary photography and printmaking, including 5 prints by Marc Frising. The exhibition was curated and the richly illustrated catalogue composed by the curators Ekaterina Zhurbina and Yvan Wojko. The exhibition took place at the Museum Muravievih-Apostolov from 21st november until the auction on 26th november 2017.

Solo exhibition in Antwerpen

The gallery EPREUVE D'ARTISTE in Antwerpen (Oudekerkstraat 64), led by Chris Verheyen, shows prints under the title "The magic world of Marc Frising" from 29th September to 15th October 2017. At the vernissage on friday 29th the introduction to the works will be held by the artist NAN MULDER from the Netherlands.

International Mezzotint Festival in Yekaterinbourg

Ekaterinburg 2017 

At the opening ceremony of the fourth International Mezzotint Festival in Yekaterinburg (IV MZT) on friday 18th August 2017, the director of the Museum of Fine Arts and of the Festival, Nikita Korytin, thanked Marina Lasareva (Russia), Nan Mulder (Netherlands) and Marc Frising (Luxembourg) for their efforts in promotion and support, by giving them the sign of Ambassador of the MZT.

The IV MZT is a great show for all friends of mezzotint and artistic print in general. It gives the best overview over the actual artistic and technical situation of international mezzotint. The dynamism of the event and the organisors can well be followed by the facebook pages of the festival. Besides the Open competition exhibiton, the festival has an historical , curated projects (Hachmi Azza -Belgium, Marina Lasareva-Russia, Caroline Koenders-Netherlands), a show by the Davidson Galleries represented by Miranda K.Metcalf (Seattle,USA), and solo exhibitions of the IMF III (2015) prizewinners (Art Werger-USA, Deborah Chapman-Argentina, Aoife Layton-Ireland, Leo Rodriguez-Mexiko)

At the IV MZT open competition project, different prices were awarded by the festival's jury, presided this year by Marc Frising.

Grand-Prix winner becomes Mikio Watanabe (Japan-France)
Prize for full correspondence of technique and imagery – Guntars Sietins
Prize for adhering to the traditions and skills of graphical work –
Erling Valtyrson (Norway)
Prize for originality and for breaking classical boundaries – Tomasz
Winiarski (Poland)

We expect exciting prizewinners solo shows for V MZT in 2019!

For 2019, the organisors intend to reinforce the presence of the festival by a parrallel show of their collection in Moscow!

De la lumière dans l'obscurité...

The gallery Épreuve d'Artiste in Antwerpen (B) showed a very exciting show with prints executed on black paper. As the director of the gallerie, Chris Verheyen, explained , it was a very special challenge to the gallerie's artists to adapt to the particuliar demand of a black support. Although it was quite unpreviewable what response the theme would bring, it inspired many artists to discover new horizons. From 28 th of October to the 13th of November 2016.


Descartes' memory An elder plate revisited with mezzotint, aquatint and gold-leaf, printed on black paper. A citation to Descartes' Treatise of Man and his description of how memory works...

Falun - Sweden

From 19th november 2016 until 23rd of april 2017 the Dalarnas Museum in Falun shows a selection of works from the International Print Triennial in Krakow . The jurymembers Anna Seppänen and Modhir Ahmed selected 159 prints from 78 artists and 34 countries.

International Print Triennial in Krakow

The Main Exhibition of the International Print Triennial - Krakow 2015 opened on the 18th of September in the Contamporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow (Pl). The exhibition can be seen until the 28th of October 2015.

Marc Frising was awarded with the "European Printmaking Award-Krakow 2015"


The European Printmaking Award - Krakow 2015

Art and the Printing Press in Cremona

The 8th International Engraving Exhibition "Art and the Printing Press", dedicated to the contemporary engraving opens on 27th of September in the cultural center "Santa Maria della Pietà" in Cremona (I)
Marc Frising is an invited artist to the exhibition part "Engraving in Europe" which features 70 artists of the European Union.
The exhibition lasts until the 1st of November 2015.

International Mezzotint Festival Ekaterinburg

The 3rd International Mezzotint Festival Ekaterinburg opens on 15th September until 30th September 2015 in the Museum of Fine Arts of the town of Ekaterinburg in Russia.
Marc Frising will assist at the opening and be a member of the Festival's jury.

Nan Mulder writes for PRINTMAKING TODAY

In the spring edition 2015 the english magazin PRINTMAKING TODAY publishes a presentation by Nan Mulder over Marc Frising and his recent mezzotints. Nan Mulder from the Netherlands, a master of the mezzotint by herself, describes the prints of the series "The eternity of a child's dream is a fleeting moment" and gives an insight to the technical genesis of these outstanding huge mezzotint works.

Solo show at the Print Art Triennial SOFIA 2014

A personal exhibition of Marc Frising's works were shown in the parallel program of the 7th International Print Art Triennial in SOFIA (BG).
The opening of the triennial and concomitant exhibitions was on 10th november 2014.
An international jury with the participation of Breda Skrjanec (SLO),Henri F. Klein (USA), José Guedes (BR) and Marc Frising (L) defined the awards which were announced during the official opening ceremony of the trienniale.

The eternity of a child's dream in Ekaterinburg

The eternity of a child's dream Exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts Ekaterinburg: 19 december 2013 - 23 march 2014

Golden OSTEN Award 2013

At the artist in residence program organized by the OSTEN Museum and Gallery in the Macedonian city of Gevgelija during the month of september 2013, the paintings and drawings of Marc Frising were awarded with the Golden OSTEN Award of the biennial for awarded artists. The biennial and residence program were reserved to artists primarily awarded at the Biennial of drawing or choosen by the organizers.

The works of the Biennial of OSTEN Awarded Artists were exhibited in the show room of the Macedonian Academy for Science and Arts in Skopje from 5th december 2013 to january 2014.

At work, september 2013 in Gevgelija (Macedonia)
Stoimen Stoilov (Bulgaria, Austria) Zlatko Glamotchak (France)
In the foreground: Aleksandra Vasigevic (Serbia),Mirjana Krsteva-Massetti (Macedonia), Tijana Kojic (Serbia) Venceslav Antonov (Bulgaria), Nice Vasilev and Pavle Kuzmanoski with his wife (Macedonia)

TV Interview

For all russian speeking friends, here a TV interview with Marc Frising from 22th may 2013 about the theme : Mezzotint

Front page of The World of Museum

World of Museum May 2013 No 5 Mai 2013 (# 309) Moscow

Solo show at the International Mezzotint Festival

The Second International Mezzotint Festival takes place from May, 18th till June, 29th 2013 at the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fina Arts (Russia) The project is an international biennial exhibition for the mezzotint artists from all over the world.
As the Grand-Prix winner of 2011, Marc Frising shows a solo exhibition and will be present for the opening of the exhibition.

Some explanations about what makes the originality of with Nikita Korytin, the dynamic director of the Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts, an enthusiastic friend of the art of mezzotint.
With Jorge Mateus from Mexico, architect, artist, photographer and fastest blogger of the mezzotint scene...
At the entrance hall of the Museum of Fine Arts: Julie Niskannen (USA), Aoife Layton (Ireland), Nikita Korytin (Director of the Museum), Marc Frising, Nan Mulder (Netherlands), Jorge Mateus (Mexico)
Photos: Nan Moulder, Jorge Mateus, International mezzotint Festival

Golden OSTEN award for Marc Frising

Marc Frising was awarded the "Golden OSTEN award" at the 40. World Gallery of drawing / OSTEN Biennial of drawing in Skopje (MK)
The inauguration will be on 20th september 2012 in Skopje.

Recent awards for Marc Frising

The 3rd International Print Biennial of Guanlan (China) awarded Marc Frising's work "The eternity of a child's dream is a fleeting moment VI" with the ex-aequo Biennial's prize. Many activities took place arround the biennial's opening on 12th May, such as a printmaking forum, Printmaking fair and exhibitions.
The artist Marc Frising was present for the opening of the biennial and festival, and took part in cultural activities organized by the Guanlan Print Base.

On 16th april the 9th Bharat Bhavan International Biennial for Print Art opened at the Roopankar Museum of Fine Arts in Bhopal, India.
The works of Marc Frising got the Honorary award of the Biennial.

3rd International Print Biennial in Guanlan -China

At the 5th China Original Print Exchange Fair in Guanlan, the best place to get an impression about the high quality of Chinese wood printing. The splendid opening ceremony of the 3rd Guanlan International Print Biennial
Marc Frising's prize winning work at the opening of the biennial 2011 The Guanlan Print Base, a paradise for print artists
Chris van der Veken (Belgium) Dan Welden (USA) with a fresh solar-plate-print , and Victor Goméz (Cuba) a great master of the art of monoprinting
Peter Lazarov (Bulgaria) At the art department of a local school: The merrits of a young talented student (in the center) are depicted by her teacher

Grand Prix for Marc Frising

Prints of Marc Frising were awarded the "Grand Prix" of the 1st Mezzotint festival in Ekaterinburg (URS)
The festival shows the actual international situation in mezzotint art.
The festival includes:
-1 curator project
-4 solo exhibitions
-a panel-judged group exhibition
-master-classes, lectures and other related activities
-a catalogue

The exhibition is held at the museum of modern arts from 13th may until 29th june 2011


Exhibition poster of the mezzotint festival 2011

Mezzotint festival Ekaterinburg

Marc Frising's work as poster of the biennial 

Print Biennial Varna

The opening of the 16th International Print Biennial in Varna was on 19th may 2011. Simultaneously the biennial presents an exhibition of the print works of Marc Frising, Grand-Prix winner of the biennial in 2009.
The artist was present for the biennial's opening and took part as a jury member, invited by the biennial's president Ventseslav Antonov.
A catalogue of the biennial and a catalogue of Marc Frising's solo exhibition is edited.

Inauguration Varna 2011 The president Ventseslav Antonov and the jury members , Varna 2011 (from left to right: Marc Frising, Mice Jankulovski, Ventseslav Antonov,Vlado Gjorevski)

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