Prints 1: Recent giant mezzotint works
Prints 2: since 2006
Prints 3
Prints 4
Prints 5
Prints 6
Paintings since 2000
Paintings before 2000
Bronze sculpture
Sculptures in public places

Descriptive catalogue of the art prints

The picture galleries always show several print-works. Missing works will be added as soon as possible. By clicking here you may watch each picture as a large-size picture and with descriptive details.

The descriptions of the works include

The original title.
The english translation of the title.
The year of production.
The techniques used.
The sizes: the size of the printing plate, the paper size.
The serial number (WKN).
The edition.
The selling price in Euro.


Beat of a black wing Schlag eines schwarzen Flügels 1988 Mezzotinto/Aquatinta (60x47,76x57) Werknummer G74 / Auflage 35 / Nicht mehr erhältlich

Overview of the picture galleries

Prints 1: Recent giant mezzotint works These prints are some of the biggest original mezzotints ever created. They are printed from 2 or 3 plates with a size of about 66-67,5 x 88-89 cm on Somerset 600g 80x110 cm. Aquatint is sometimes added for colour or special effects.


Prints 2: since 2006


Prints 3 Here are two print sequences from 2002: Homage to Rembrandt, Variations, as well as the Lily-works.


Prints 4 Here are the prints from 1990 - 2002. In this period were created some of the most succesful mezzotint prints.


Prints 5 In this period the mainly black and white mezzotints changed towards colour prints.


Prints 6 The first prints after the study-period : a time of technical maturing.


Books Here you find bibliophile books with original prints by Marc Frising.


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