since 2006

Work and periods of life in pictures

On this page you can get a closer insight into different periods of creation.

1991, after 4 years of work, the 5,70 meter high wooden sculpture "The magic tree", composed of 27 pieces was finished. On the left in the background stands the lower part, the tree-trunk, in the foreground the tree-top.
The pictures were taken by the photographer Raymond Clement shortly before the setting up of the sculpture in the cultural center in Sandweiler (L)

The gilded bronze-sculpture of the "Golden Lion of RTL" was ordered by the media group in 1990.
The grafic "Aphrodisian Fate I" (WKN G82) was created amongst others in the atelier in Sandweiler in 1990.

The print "Between a fading instant"(WKN G85) was created in 1990 (here the mezzotint-plate).The same year this work was awarded a first prize at the international portrait biennial in Tuzla (BIH).
The bronze sculpture "King of clubs" was created in 1989. (Both pictures by Raymond Clement)

The photographer Wolfgang Osterheld created in 1983 very impressive sequences of the printing process of an etching in the atelier in Sandweiler.

Printing of the graphic "An approach to lightness"(WKN G114) in the printshop in Harlange(L) in 1999. Since mid of the 90's Marc Frising has been living and working in Harlange. Here he was given the opportunity to transform the stables of an old farnhouse into appropriate atelier rooms.
Tanya, the artist's wife, with a portrait bust being created, and a miniature sculpture of her own.

Together with the well-known artist Gerhard Gutruf from Vienna, a dear friend since 1987, when Gutruf had invited Marc Frising for the first time to teach at the International culture-seminars of the Weinviertel in Austria.
Since 2000 Marc Frising has been in charge of summer seminars for etching in Baden close to Vienna (A).

In 2008/2009 the artist created the wooden sculpture "Flash of inspiration" (WKN S33)
The dimensions of this work are 320 x 60 x 190 cm . A bronze casting of it is projected.

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