Between 1987 and 2006 Marc Frising has given lessons at different summer courses in Austria. Since the Viennese artist Gerhard Gutruf invited the Luxembourgian print artist for the first time to teach at the Cultural Summer of the Weinviertel, and later to the International Summer Seminars for art, Marc Frising has continuously appeared as a guest teacher in Austria. Here he could not only teach alongside notable artists such as Gerhard Gutruf (Vienna), Paul Rotterdam and Rebecca Little John (both from New York), Karl Korab (A), Reimo Wokounig (Vienna) but he could also count some known Austrian artists among his students.

Courses in Baden close to Vienna

Together with the Viennese artist Waltraud Gartner at the "Badener Kunstwochen 2005" Since 2000 Marc Frising has been teaching in Baden, close to Vienna, always in the workshop of Gerhard Gutruf.

A snapshot taken at the "Badener Kunstwochen 2004" The artist Anna Dinhof examining a fresh print.

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