Exhibitions in detail

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For each artist an exhibition where he can show his art is a peak of his creative work. But what remains is merely a listing, hiding behind, weeks and weeks of preparations, of hurry and bustle and last not least the liberating vernissage you had longed for with friends and art experts.

Big sized oil paintings of Marc Frising in the gallery "In the tunnel" of the Banque et Caisse d'Épargne de l'État in Luxembourg in 2000.(Photo Czilla Domjàn) The opening 2001 in the "Die kleine Galerie" in Vienna. From left to right: The former luxembourgian ambassador in Austria, Georges Santer, the Viennese artist Prof. Gerhard Gutruf, Marc Frising, the gallerist Dr. Philipp Maurer.






since 2006

Exhibition of paintings and prints in the picture-gallery Wagner (Wallisellen/Zürich) in 2004. In the picture the gallerist Corinne Wagner. Recent paintings by Marc Frising in the picture-gallery of Dr. Dieter Rodemund and his wife (Medizin und Kunst) in Neuhofen/Linz (A) 2005/2006.

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